German MG 42 WWII Super Select Dummy Machine Gun w/ Extras

Item Description

Original WWII Item: ONE ONLY. This gun is as close to perfect as you can get.  The receiver markings are clear.  The charging handle works and the top cover opens.  Although the barrel is welded in place, the barrel latch, one of the gun's distinguishing features, opens and closes.  It is hard to discern that it is a display gun.  It includes a post-war MG 42/MG 3 antiaircraft tripod that is almost indistinguishable from the WW 2 version.  Have you ever wondered about the little dimple on German ammunition can handles and on belt drums and the belt drum carrier?  They are provided so that the cans and drums can be suspended from the tripod.  This tripod includes the ammunition hooks that provide a double function:  hanging ammunition boxes or drums from the hooks adds weight and adds stability to the tripod.  This sample also includes three belt drums of WW 2 manufacture and a WW 2 carrier for two drums. Three 50-round belts of dummy 8 mm ammunition are also included for the 3 belt drums.  More accessories are available from IMA The green ammo can pictured does NOT come with this set.

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