German MG 34 Parts Set: Original WW2 (dot 1945)

Item Description

Original Item: One Only. Found in the bottom of a "To Sort" Pallet. We imported these from Europe in 1996! Still in it's original very heavy grease with all parts still contained (no receiver), in the plastic shipping bag where it was stored as it was stripped from the original live weapon. These were from "War Storage" that became surplus and was acquired in the 1990s by our British Company Fire-Power International Ltd. The set does NOT have matching numbers and the parts have been refinished to great condition by the Military before being put into storage after WW2. The Set is Coded "dot 45" for Bruno in Czechoslovakia and very possibly only ever saw very limited use. NO RECEIVER is included. All other parts including, bolt, recoil spring and other internals are present. Set comes with the early adjustable bipod and wooden butt stock dated 1944. We once sold these for $400-$500, those were the times we sold MP 40 Parts Sets and MP 44 Parts Sets at the same level and now those are over $ 3,000!!! We'll not see many like these again, German WW2 MG 34 "dot 45" Parts Set less Receiver, as described, de-milled receiver available separately.

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