German MG 34 Early Anti Aircraft Mount Head Assembly: MG 13 Compatible

Item Description

Original Item: These are restored surplus. In the 1930s the earliest MG 34 Machine Guns were first equipped with Anti Aircraft Mounts that incorporated these heads. Each head allowed for flexibility in both horizontal and vertical plains. The head fitted onto a post of circular cross section about 1 _ ? across. Approximately three and one half inches down the post was a groove running around the post into which a sprung loaded catch on the head assembly indented into locking the head and mounting post together. The head has a swiveling yoke assembly similar to the top of the MG 34 Bipod Assembly that can connect in the normal Bipod position just behind the front sight assembly or directly in front of the receiver at the rear of the MG 34 Barrel Jacket, which is near the point of balance. Each head is equipped with hard rubber heel pad to protect the bottom of the weapon. This Mount also works with the German MG 13 as well as the MG 34 (Not the MG 42). These MG 34 Mount Heads, superseded later in WW2 with the Lafette Mount can be adapted for use with a multiple of mounts or on vehicles still providing all the benefits of a flexible mount system. Completely reconditioned, Very few only.

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