German Mg 34/42 Dummy 7.92 Cartridges in 50-Rd Belt

Item Description

Original Remanufactured Item: WW2-Style 7.92 mm cartridges in an original 50-round belt. Great to display with your MG34 or MG42 display guns. Multiple belts can be connected together. VERY FEW AVAILABLE.IMA has obtained a small quantity of remanufactured dummy cartridges and signal flares that had once been part of a large military collection. All of them have been manufactured by using inert fired cartridge cases and inserting bullets or wads. They were made for display purposes and were not dimensioned for functioning through the action. To simulate the early or World War 1 look, cupronickel (nickel-colored) bullets were used, although the cases may be of any date or manufacturer. The later or World War 2 look is provided by using gilding-metal (copper-like) colored bullets.

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