German MG 34/42 Afrikakorps Model 41 Ammunition Can: WW2 Marked

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Original Item: WW2 German issue, steel, 200 round ammunition boxes for belted linked 7.92x57 ammunition for the MG34 or MG42. Found in Egypt these are original yellow/tan painted, steel double hinged, rubber gasketed, Model 41 ammunition cans marked PATR. KAST. 41f M.G. which means Patronen Kasten 41 fur Maschinengewerh. Exactly like the ones used by Rommel's Afrikakorp. Very unusual to find WW2 desert camouflage material today, the paint could possibly be post war, it is very hard to know for certain. Cans are offered empty, and may also have other WW2 Markings and/or dates but additional Markings will vary.

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