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German MG 13 LMG Parts Set: WWII

Item Description

Original Item: The MG 13, adopted by the German Army in 1932, was the principal light machine gun of the WEHRMACHT until the adoption of the MG34 in 1936. Production of the MG 13 continued through 1938 and this model saw extensive service in WWII. Somewhat similar to the MG 34 in outward appearance, the MG 13 was magazine-fed using a 25 round box magazine. However, it was also designed to accept the 75 round saddle drum. The bipod was virtually the same as the MG 34 and the antiaircraft sight was identical and therefore interchangeable. It had a folding butt stock and had a swiveling carrying handle on the ventilated barrel jacket. It was supplied with an optional flash hider of considerable length for use only under sensitive combat conditions. Our parts sets contain all parts EXCEPT THE RECEIVER and the flash hider (an optional extra). You receive the barrel with barrel jacket assembly and carrying handle, the trigger group assembly, the butt stock assembly together with the bolt, recoil spring and all internal parts, sight, etc. You also receive the magazine housing which slots onto the receiver and one 25 round box magazine. The parts Set, which was disassemble and not cut, is in excellent condition.

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