German MG 08 Gunner?s Kit: WWI Marked, Mint Condition (One Only)

Item Description

Original Item: One Only. This is a consignment item for us, as it is fabulously rare belonging to one of our oldest customers and as far as we can tell almost an unknown item: High quality substantial brown polished leather MG 08 Gunners Pouch with all contents, including Combination wrench/hammer, Broken Shell extractor, Screwdriver, a different model broken shell extractor, Cartridge Tongs, Breech Cleaning Tool, Spare Fusee Spring, assortment of steel and brass drifts and one or two specialized tools for what purpose we have no idea. All these contained in a brown leather Wallet which is itself contained in a flap pouch that has an additional flap pouch incorporated containing correct WW1 flip out funnel Oil and Solvent Cans, each with large brass filler cap and also included is a WW1 Pull-Through. Pouch even contains an original WW1 era "paint brush" for dusting out the action. Markers marks and address, hard to read but "ERFURT 1916" appears clearly. Outer pouch having two belt loops on rear. We've never seen such a set before and believe this to be exceptionally rare.

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