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German M98/05 Butcher Saw Back Bayonet with Scabbard for Gewehr 98 and Karabiner 98k

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New Made Item: One of the more difficult WW1 German bayonets to find today is this Pioneer issue sawback butcher Bayonet first introduced in 1905.

Highlights of this fine reproduction are- a deep blued steel finish, quality oil rubbed ribbed wood grips, matched steel scabbard and an intimidating 58 staggered tooth saw blade on the upper side of the bayonet edge.

In WWI these Bayonets were rumored to have caused such dreadful injury that stories circulated of POWs being shot for simply carrying one. However, the design was originally intended to be used as a tool for Artillerymen and Pioneers. In fact, the sawback type bayonet was first developed by the British in the Victorian era for engineering purposes (cutting trees to build bridges, etc..)

German WW1 examples are often encountered with the saw teeth removed; indicating a general belief that carrying such bayonets did result in dire consequences.

Designed to fit all WW1 Mauser GEW 98 and 98a Rifles; these will also fit the Mauser 98k series of rifles used during WW2. T

Overall excellent heavy gauge quality steel construction. Blade Length approx 14 inches. Overall length 19 inches.

Note: Fitting may be required as originally each bayonet was custom fit to every gun. Work with a file or other tools maybe required and should be expected.

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