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German Luftwaffe WWII MG 15 Oiler WW2: Brass with Eagle & "FRC" (One Only)

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Original Item: The most elaborate and expensively made oiler you will ever see. We found a few of these among our MG 15 German aircraft machine gun parts. Each oiler is 3.0 x 7.5 x 12.0 cm and holds 250 ml of oil. It is closed with a machined brass cap. The most distinguishing feature is the folding, curved spout. The spout is about 11 cm long and folds into a groove along one side of the can when not in use. An elaborate hinge of machined brass provides a path for the oil to flow from the reservoir to the spout. Tension on the hinge is adjustable. On all but one sample, the bottom of the hinge mechanism is protected by a small metal flap. Construction is either of brass or plated steel.

We?ve divided these oilers into groups based on their material and markings. Most have a Luftwaffe inspection stamp (the Luftwaffe equivalent of the Heer?s Waffenamt stamp) on the oiler flap, indicating inspection by Office 1 of the Inspectorate. The stamp consists of a simplified eagle with wings down, enclosing a stylized L and the numeral 1. The stylized L stands for Luftwaffe.

"The Brass Maverick"-

The design is identical to the others, but the top is marked F.R.C. and instead of the Luftwaffe inspection stamp found on the others, it features a different Luftwaffe inspection stamp consisting of a tiny eagle and the number 7 stamped into the hinge drum. The 7 is the number of the Luftwaffe Inspection Office responsible for checking the oiler. One only.

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