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French Lebel 1873/1892 Revolver Holster

Item Description

New Made Item: This is an exact replica of the late 19th century French Ordnance Revolver Holster designed for use with both the 1873 and 1892 Lebel Revolver. Brown hard shell construction of top quality leather with compartment for cartridges. Full body strap with brass buckle. This was the holster that both the Russians and the Japanese copied for the Nagant and Nambu T-14 pistols.

Won't fit your gun? Look at this email from one of our ingenious customers:

"I was saddened when my 1892 French revolver would not fit in the holster that I bought for it. I was considering returning it to you, but as it was not a costly item, and shipping costs might get higher... I decided to try something. On the suggestion of a local tannery, I soaked the holster in warm water for a couple of minutes, then worked the leather by hand to soften it up. I also oiled and wrapped the gun, and stored it in the holster while it dried. The holster is now perfect. I was amazed at how much the leather stretched to accomodate the gun, once wet. If any of your other customers have similar difficulties with any leather holsters, consider suggesting the water trick. Worked great, with no discoloration, or loss of integrity. I might oil the inside to help reduce future shrinkage. Thanks for a nice holster. Fits great!"

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