French Foreign Legion Sahara Bandolier and Waist Belt Set

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New Made Item: This complete set of Brown Leather equipment was issued mostly for French Colonial use by the "Foreign Legion" beginning in the 1880s. The Waist Belt, buckling around the wearer's back, has 4 lidded compartments with brass studs on each side designed to carry stripper clips containing 8mm lebel Rifle Ammunition.

The Bandoleer worn in a "V" design from the small of the back over the shoulders to the navel where it secures to the waist belt has five more lidded compartments for further 8 mm Ammunition storage. The bayonet frog and buckle attachment secure the "Epee" bayonet in place. Used both with the 8mm 1886 Lebel magazine Rifles and the 8mm Mannlicher Berthier Rifles throughout the First World War and second world wars.

This is the ultimate French leather Set; Remember Gary Cooper in "Beau Geste"?

Belt adjustable up to size 48".

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