French Cuirassier Trooper?s Swords of Napoleonic Era: (One Pair Only)

Item Description

Original Items: One Pair Only. The heaviest Cavalry in Napoleons "Grande Armee" were the Cuirassiers who wore heavy steel breast & back plates along with a steel helmet with Brass Crests and Horse Tails. The Troopers carried the heaviest grade Swords in use at the time. These Cuirassier Swords are straight bladed with twin blood gutters, have four branch brass guards, the Light Cavalry had three branch guards, and each blade is traditionally marked with it's Arsenal Manufacturer's marking and date of issue.  Always at the top of nearly every Collectors? list are Original examples of these swords, which are very hard to find in this superior condition.

The first sword, of earlier pattern, is marked "Imp. du Klingenthal  1813" and has the characteristic guard branches ending with a swelling into the cross guard and a plain pommel cap.

The second sword is also marked "Klingenthal" but dated "March 1822." This was the first year of adoption of this model still retaining the branch swellings but the Cross gaurd was fitted with a surrounding rail and the brass Pommel crowned with an inflated band. Both Swords retain their original leather grip lining and all their coiled brass wiring bindings. Each is contained in it's own original and correct heavy all steel Scabbard with two hanging rings. Just wonderful examples of the most desirable Cuirassier model Swords that saw service under Napoleon Bonaparte and Napoleon the Third.

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