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French Bronze Mortar Circa 1680-1700

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Item Description

Original Item: One Only! This has to be one of the most beautiful of Bronze Mortars. It dates from 1680-1700 and is almost certainly of French origin. Relatively slender construction with a "Bearded Face" cupped touch hole. Cross Dolphin in the form of dragons and serpent with classic moldings. Measuring 20" overall with a bore of 6.65, the trunnion width is 15.25 and is 3" in diameter. This is an untouched sleeper that was only recently discovered. In an exceptionally unusual form this is a rare item retaining all color from it's 300 plus years of life. French Bearded Face with Serpent Dolphin Bronze Mortar. Offered Ex New Jersey or Truck Freight. Freight is free for delivery within the 48 states, outside this area please call for a quote. The mortar is currently displayed on modern homemade wood stand which can be included if desired.

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Legal Information

  • Considered an ANTIQUE by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, meaning no Federal restrictions for ownership, transport, trade or possession, it is totally legal to own without any form of license. Freight and insurance are included in the purchase price (ignore the website shipping calculator) to any location within the continental United States.

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