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French 2nd Empire Carabiniere Armor, Excellent: Dated 1832/33 (One Only)

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Original Item: One Only. From a Museum Display of over Forty Years a really Heavy combat grade Complete Cuirass Set of Front and Back Plates of this magnificent brass over steel Armor. Each Maker Marked and Dated  "Manuf.R'ol. de Klingenthal 1832" (Front) and "1833(Rear), also numbered "1887" Front and "869" Rear.  The two stamped with other Armorer's Markings als well! Complete with Chained leather Backed Shoulders Straps, and leather waist belt, these sets were in use right up until Napoleon the Third's defeat by the Prussians at the Battle of Sedan in 1870 .  Front Plate bearing the correct Brass Eagle Badge over Sunburst white metal backing on Chest. This set was made in the 1830's and updated and used in the 2nd Empire as were some dating from the time of Napoleon the first defeated at Waterloo in 1815. Of good size, and very solid construction, this set retains most of it's finish and leatherwork in excellent condition. 

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