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French 19th Century Naval Boarding Cutlass (Classic Pirate Style): Used

Item Description

New Made Item (well, sort of): Now these we KNOW are not older than 20 years but were deliberately made in the late 1980s for a specific European Government Program commemorating the French Navy of the 19th century. These are the best Replicas we have ever seen, expense was not spared.

If aged, and not just used as these have been, they would pass as the REAL McCoy! Engraved Anchor on each side and "M'fcture. Imp. Du Klingenthal" engraved down the spine of the blade; these are fabulous. Blade is approx. 26 inches in length. No Scabbards were made as this style of cutlass was designed to be worn in a Seaman's waist belt. The classic Pirate Cutlass with at least a FEW years under its belt. Offered even cheaper than a New Made Replica! This is an inexpensive classic. The photographs on www.ima-ua.com represent a typical example of what you can expect to receive.

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