Film: Zulu Dawn & Wild Geese- DVD Double Feature

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A DVD DOUBLE FEATURE! ZULU DAWN- This dramatic and true story recounts the breathtaking defeat of the British forces at the hands of 25,000 strong and relentlessly determined Zulu army in 1879. General Lord Chelmsford, played by Peter O?Toole, is the man responsible for the fatal decision that leads to the massacre. Colonel Durnford, played by Burt Lancaster, is the military hero who courageously faces the Zulu army, outnumbered sixteen to one, he leads his men into battle and certain death. This is the prequel to "ZULU"with features Michael Cain. This film features many of the weapons recovered by IMA from the Royal Armory of Nepal including the P-1871 Martini-Henry rifle.

WILD GEESE- A British industrialist recruits a group of mercenaries to penetrate the African wilderness and rescue a deposed political leader awaiting execution at the hands of a military despot. While the prisoner is a man with noble visions of racial reform, the industrialist who's financing the operation cares only about his own business interests. When the rescue mission is no longer to his advantage, the businessman decides to alter the course of events -- setting off an explosion of violence. Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen - Starring Richard Burton, Roger Moore, Richard Harris - Rated R - 130 min.

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