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Film: Waterloo (DVD)

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One of the GREAT war films of all time. The plot: The allies enter Paris and Napoleon (in Fontainbleau) is obliged to abdicate. After heartfelt farewells to his army he is led off to exile on Elba. But after only a few months he manages to elude his captors and return to power at the Tuileries. France once again has to prepare itself to confront the allied armies. And it is Waterloo, which is finally chosen as the theatre of operations.

After a short exile to the island of Elba, Napoleon Bonaparte sweeps through the continent with a new army. French forces sent to subdue him become overwhelmed by the their former leader's charisma and side with Bonaparte. Upon hearing of his army's desertion, King Louis XVIII abdicates the throne. Emperor once again, Napoleon achieves several victories. But crossing the frontier into Belgium, Napoleon comes face to face with British and Prussian troops, under the command of Wellington and Blucher, on the fateful battlefield of Waterloo. This is the classic stirring drama of the historic battle between Napoleon and Wellington.

Thousands of Soviet troops were brought in to portray the English, French and Prussian armies, giving the production its enormous scope. Willoughby Gray, whose grandfather fought in the battle of Waterloo, served as Military Consultant for the picture. Starring: Rod Steiger, Christopher Plummer, Orson Welles, Jack Hawkins, Dan O'Herlihy, Virginia McKenna, Michael Wilding. Director: Sergei Bondarchuk.

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