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FBP 9mm SMG Parts Set with MP 40 Bolt & Recoil System & Bayonet Lug

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Original Item: Manufactured in Europe immediately after WWII (1948), these 9mm SMGs were modeled on the bolt and recoil system of the German MP 40 (with which they are interchangeable). The only difference is that the FBP has a fixed firing pin being integral with the bolt block. Consequently the telescoping recoil system is "flat nosed" without the attachment of the firing pin. The bolt is fitted with the standard MP 40 "Push/Pull" safety system 9mm sten magazine and catch system. Complete with wire telescoping shoulder stock and magazine. THIS SET COMES COMPLETE WITH THE RARE BAYONET LUG attachment on the barrel for affixing a Portuguese Mauser Bayonet.

Receiver tube is not included.

FBP is a 9 mm submachine gun originally developed from a design first conceived in 1940 by Gonçalves Cardoso, an officer of artillery in the Portuguese Army. The onset of World War II halted development of the weapon, which was further modified and put into production in 1948.

The submachine gun was produced by the Fábrica do Braço de Prata weapon factory at Lisbon, whose initials FBP gave the name to the weapon, adopted for service as the m/948 in 1948. It utilized the large bolt and telescoping operating spring of the German MP40 submachine gun, and the collapsible wire stock of the American M3 submachine gun. Unusual for submachineguns, the m/948 was fitted with a barrel sleeve with a mount to accept the standard Portuguese Mauser bayonet.

The weapon was primarily issued to officers and NCOs in the Portuguese Armed Forces and security forces, along with quantities of ex-German MP 34 submachine guns. In Portuguese service it was used in combat in Angola, Portuguese Guinea, Mozambique, Portuguese India and Portuguese Timor. It was eventually replaced in service by the 9 mm Uzi and the collapsible-stock version of the standard m/961 G3 rifle.

This weapon uses a system identical (but not German made) to the MP 40 Bolt and action and is INTERCHANGEABLE with an MP40.

Add a very attractive and interesting SMG to your WWII and postwar collection. Magazine included where permitted.

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