European Bronze Cannon & Carriage: Original 18th Century

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Original Item: One Only! Scroll down the page for pictures, additional pictures are also available. Just a wonderful small Cannon dating from the war of 1812 or even back to the late 1700?s. In fact there is serious speculation now, the subject of an upcoming article, that this was one of the cannons taken by the British after the defeat of the Danes at the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801. The original wood carriage dates from a few years later. It is recorded that the British Navy sacked the Military Stores in Copenhagen returning great quantities of powder, shot, and multiple Cannons to London as war booty. All of this loot was all sold at Auction. The big buyer, not surprisingly, was The Honorable East India Company.

 This Cannon has a Bronze barrel measuring 28" overall with a 2" bore, approximately a 2 pounder. It is of Classic proportion with central trunnions diameter 1.75", the trunnion carriage width is 5.5". There are No Markings on the Cannon as, not unreasonably, it was perhaps "sanitized" before subsequent sale, perhaps to obscure origin. However there are features concerning the raised touch hole arrangement that heavily indicate this is one of the Danish Guns, perhaps taken at Copenhagen.

 The Original Wooden Carriage dates between1820 & 1840. It is referred to as a hi-cheek block Single trail Carriage, the single trail being especially popular in the U.S. Civil War. The carriage has 31" barrel hubbed 12 spoke wheels with iron tires. The whole set-up is only 66" long and 34" wide, making it an ideal indoor display piece.

 This Cannon has not been restored and has the following deficiencies: the elevating gear is missing, the cannon has the manufactured in bracket for a field mount and the carriage has the iron attachment ring brackets but the assembly is absent. Neither of the wheels has their iron hub liners, a small sleeve inserted into the wood barrel hub into which the axle slides. The wheel locking pins are also missing. Finally both the Cap Squares, the short brackets that lock the trunnions to carriage are missing. Otherwise the Cannon appears all original and complete. The Cannon is eminently displayable in its present condition.

 These Hi-cheeked Artillery pieces were capable of extreme elevation which was invaluable in Mountain Fighting and the small size makes for easy maneuverability. It is not hard to see why the term "FAT BOY" was used with this type of compact weapon that packed a real punch. This Cannon is offered ex New Jersey or by Freight. Shipping is free within the 48 states, outside this area please call for a quote. It is offered "As Is", however; restoration can be undertaken at additional cost and negotiation.

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