English Civil War Pikeman's Armor Set

Item Description

New Made Item (30 years old!): The original from which these sets were directly copied dated from the English Civil War of 1642-48. These complete sets were produced in the very early 1980s.

Made from quality steel with brass rosettes, studs and hook fastenings, these were modeled after a set then in the Tower of London (Now at the Royal Armories in Leeds). These were fully lined with a material, as the originals, much resembling carpet underlay which quickly deteriorated and has been replaced with a good coating of rust and decay.

These sets are pretty dirty from so many years in storage and appear to be complete but small defects may be present. These are ideal for display and as offered in as is condition.

Each set consists of the following:

• Decorated Steel front and back plates with steel reinforced shoulder straps.
• Two two forward tassets (front upper leg defenses, skirt like).
• Gorget neck defense.
• Classic Pikeman’s helmet with ear defenses.

Six pieces in total, all items bearing brass stud decoration together with dirt, filth and rust from 30 year warehouse storage.

Most attractive sets for decorating any collection room, reminiscent of the early American Colonies, yours to lovingly clean or leave as is for that authentic aged look.

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