English Civil War Cavalry Troopers Armor Set: Circa 1640 ?Cromwell?s Roundheads?

Item Description

Original Item: One Only. Now these are really rare, this set was released a few years ago from Sherbourne Manor the home of the Earl of Mansfield. This is the classic armor set used by Cromwell's "ROUNDHEADS" so named for the shape of the helmet. This is what is included:

Helmet: Forged iron Lobster Tail helmet with articulated neck guard, ventilated suspended ear covers and frontal peak to which is attached the classic English THREE BAR rigid face guard, similar style helmets equipped with a single sliding Nose Guard are of Continental origin during this same period and later. The earpieces even have the original leather loops allowing a closing thong to secure the helmet under the Trooper's chin.

Cuirass: The iron cuirass set consists of very heavy front chest plate complete with "bullet dent" proof mark, required by the Government Inspectors at the time, and comes with it's iron back plate of slightly lighter construction with leather over the shoulder straps covered in iron plates. The back plate is equipped with a buff leather waist belt complete with brass buckle that anchors the set in place when worn by the trooper. The design of the front and rear plates actually meets under the arms, providing all around protection. Thus another name was coined for Cromwell's Troopers, "The IRONSIDES" in addition to "The ROUNDHEADS".

Made famous by their continuous victories against King Charles the First of England, Cromwell's "NEW MODEL ARMY" installed Oliver Cromwell as the virtual Dictator from 1649, upon the beheading of the King, until 1660 when an exhausted nation welcomed the Restoration of King Charges the Second, known as the "Merry Monarch".

An exceptionally rare Helmet and Armor set exactly as was used in the New World of Jamestown and Plymouth Colonies and comes with known Providence. Ready to Display in a wonderful condition commensurate with almost 370 years of age.

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