East India Government Prison Service Snider Musket: Dated 1877 (One Only)

Item Description

Original Item: One Only. Recently Imported from England, together with a handful of other Prison Service Muskets, this manufactured smooth bore Musket was intended only to shoot Shot for use in Riot Control. It is the standard two band 1856 pattern Short Rifle configuration which took only a socket bayonet. Made in England by B.S.A. & M. Co. (Birmingham Small Arms and Metals Company) also dated 1877; this particular weapon was destined for service in the Penal System in India and bears a crown stamp over "EIG" (East India Government). Full brass mounts with fixed back sight denoting Riot Control/Prison Service use. Stenciled marking on butt "R.E.P." presumably the initials of the Penal facility/colony. Rack Number "118" engraved on butt tang. Complete with correct cleaning rod, and in very nice condition overall.

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