Original German WWII Italian Made Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery Oberleutnant zur See Officer's Tunic

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an nice war used example of a WW2 German Navy Kriegsmarine Küstenartillerie Offizier (Coastal Artillery Officer's) tunic. The Fieldgray uniforms of the Kriegsmarine were almost identical to those used by the Wehrmacht Heer, except for the insignia used. The tunic itself is made from relatively lightweight cotton fabric, and is most likely a private-purchased example from Italy.

The front closes with five standard buttons, which unfortunately have fallen off over the years, however are included in the left breast pocket. All are proper Naval marked buttons, ready to be reattached, or displayed separately. The “sew-in” style officers Schulterstücken (Shoulder boards) of this tunic are constructed with two rows of fine silver flatware "Russia Braid" double piping and have the correct field gray backing for the Kriegsmarine field gray uniform. They feature a single rank pip, indicating an Oberleutnant zur See, a rank equivalent to a U.S. Navy Lieutenant (Junior Grade). The "Winged Bomb" device is for Navy Coastal Artillery.

The right breast of the uniform has a very nice late war pattern BeVo embroidered breast eagle, which looks to be a later war replacement, as it looks almost brand new. The rest of the tunic definitely shows wear, with some small tears, stains, and even some areas of paint, probably from camouflaging the coastal battery locations.

Overall a great service used Coastal Artillery Kriegsmarine Uniform tunic, ready to repair and display!

Approximate Measurements:
Collar to shoulder: 10”
Shoulder to sleeve: 22.5”
Shoulder to shoulder: 16.5”
Chest width: 21"
Waist width: 18”
Hip width: 15.5”
Front length: 23.5"

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