Original German WWII DAF Deutsche Arbeitsopfer - Versorgung DAOV Gau Köln Ortsgruppe Buir Standard Flag - Signed by USGIs

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. Fantastic rare DAOV standard with heavy embroidery. Represents a German World War Two Deutsche Arbeitsfront or German Labor Front organization which was part of the National Socialist trade union that supplanted independent unions once the NSDAPs had come to power in Germany. This origination in particular was the Deutsche Arbeitsopfer - Versorgung or DAOV from the Gau region which included Koln and Aachen. The referred to themselves as Ortsgruppe Buir.

Stand is red wool with White relief and heavy embroidery with central swas within a cogwheel/rays/oak leaves/acorns and "DAOV". All on two white bordered 27" diameter black cloth circles sewn to the red field. Scattered small patches of mothing. 2" silver fringe on three borders. Five of seven pole rings are still attached. Measures 44" x 50".

The white border of the back field features hand written signature of USGIs that captured this flag at the end of WW2. The signatures read:

S/SGT Jack O'Donnell
Cpl John W. Snyder
George G. Wynne
Herbert Robuain
H.C. Stapelton
Bill R. Klein
John E. Cavanach
Pvt. Burris Bey
Joseph V. Kompton - Major GE
Geo D. Young - Capt. JOH
Nicolas Effes
James H. Robottom - MAJ CAV
Fury Garin 99 16 DJ
Raymond K. ? - S.Sgt
John J. King - PFC
R. Wieland - SGT
Tom R. Austin - PVT

This is a wonderful rare flag with loads of research potential!
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