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British WWII P-1943 SMLE Jungle Fighting Bayonet for No.1 Mk III Rifle

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Original Item: Found in the recent IMA clean up; these bayonets were purchased from the Egyptian Government. These are very nice examples of the manufactured short sword bayonet featuring a 12" blade that followed the WWI 17" version. Expressly developed for Jungle warfare against the Japanese, these were considered easier to use in dense jungle conditions. These, also known as the India Pattern were only made for a just over a year before being replaced with the later and less expensive to manufacture P-1944 Square Pommel Bayonet (available separately Item # ZB2002). This P-1943 Bayonet has become very hard to find and it was pure good fortune that we found a case hidden away in the warehouse for some 30 years. Various markings and WWII dates, these come just as we found them- heavily greased and show virtually no sign of use since WW2. No scabbard included, however we do offer a reproduction scabbard separately; Item# AYB1600.

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