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British WWII MKI Paratrooper Helmet with Leather Chinstrap System

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New Made Item: The early British Paratrooper Helmets were first introduced in 1942, first with the P Type Helmet and then the "helmet, steel, airborne troops" or HSAT.

In October 1942 the HSAT MkII was introduced to replace the first HSAT, with the most noticeable difference being the replacement of a rubber rim with a spot welded steel rim, late in the war this version was used with a three-point webbing chinstrap.

Our reproduction helmets feature the familiar steel shell with a fine texturing effect, adding to the authentic look and feel of the helmet. The rim of the helmet is also made from one piece of steel, as per the originals.

This Paratroopers helmet comes with a quality liner made from leather (early war version). The inside of the liner is stamped with a corresponding size within a shield, flanked by a 1942 date. Please note that these are stamped with British sizes, which run 1/8-1/4 inch larger than the marked size, so the size 7 will be marked 6 3/4, the 7 1/4 stamped 7, etc. The BMB at the top of the stamp denotes Briggs Motor Bodies Ltd of Dagenham, who made helmets for the British Military until 1943.

These helmets were designed to be worn when jumping out of a plane, and so had a tight fit to make sure they don't come off. The thick leather is also brand new, so they will be tight until the leather is broken in. If your paratrooper helmet doesn't sit neatly when you put it straight on, you can adjust it with the three-point webbing chinstrap.

Overall a wonderful reproduction that is true to the features of the original.

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