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British WWII Brodie Helmet Replacement Liner

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New Made Item: This is a fabulous reproduction liner copied exactly from an example in the IMA collection. Made of rubberized canvas, with a fiber (plastic) ring and cross supports, molded rubber center cross headpiece, molded rubber buffers, brass bolt with nut and draw string. This is what so many collectors need to restore an original British WW2 or American WWI Dough Boy helmet to wearable or even presentable condition.

Available in two sizes:

ABB9300-1 58 cm, US 7 ¼ (Small)

ABB9300-2 61 cm, US 7 5/8 (Large)

A note on sizing, larger size liner may protrude slightly from the bottom of the helmet. Brodie helmet shells were all the same size, with different size liners.


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