British WWII Bren Gun MkI Butt Plate with Shoulder Plate

Item Description

New Made Item: Now originals of these one just does not see. The very first British Bren Guns were made in 1937/8 and were a copy of the Czech Brno made ZB 30 Light Machine Gun, hence the name "BREN". The "BR" stood for Brno and the "EN" stood for Enfield.

ZB 30s had been equipped with ribbed cup butt plates that had a shoulder plate that folded back over the shooter's shoulder for extra support. After initial trial and manufacturing at Enfield the shoulder plate was abandoned and most of those already in service were officially removed.

IMA has now remanufactured this original style butt plate complete with the early shoulder plate that will turn any Mark 1 Bren gun, still retaining it's cup butt plate into its original issued condition for display.

Even the Mk 1 modified butt plate did not last long and was soon replaced with a screw on butt plate as soon as WW2 started as an economy measure.

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