British WWII Bren Gun Leather Bandolier with Three Bren Magazines

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New Made Item: A beautifully made leather bandoleer for three (3) Bren gun magazines was offered to British forces, but the demands of wartime production caused it to be dropped almost immediately. As a result, few were made, and, according to Thomas B. Dugelby in The Bren Gun Saga, it is possible that only a single sample survived.

IMA has recreated this beautiful bandolier and is offering it in a package with three original Bren magazines. The bandolier is three inches wide, narrowing down at each end to provide a short strap with brass buckle for attachment to the trooper’s belt. The flap of each pouch is secured with a brass button. An additional securing strap, 0.75 X 12 inches, is attached at one end.Three 30 Round Bren Original Box Magazines included!

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