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British WWII Bren Gun Commando Foregrip

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New Made Item: An interesting recreation of an experimentally made item that WW2's end made unnecessary. The Bren Gun, the most successful Light Machine Gun of WW2, had one operational drawback. It was great in its normal usage; being fired from the prone position using it's bipod mount or from a fixed position using it's tripod with or without it's anti-aircraft extension.

However, in Jungle warfare, against the Japanese, firing from the hip presented various problems. These were essentially overcome with the experimental introduction of the Commando wood vertical fore-grip that locked into the forward tripod pin on the front portion of the butt/trigger assembly unit. This allowed complete control virtually turned the weapon into an oversize sub gun. Once the Jungle warfare ceased, after the dropping of the Atomic bomb, many weapon innovations were abandoned, this being one of them.

A well made innovative accessory that was never put into full scale production, but still serves the intended purpose admirably. May require fitting.

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