British WWI Sappers and Miners All Purpose Hand Tool

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an early design of multi-tool, such a Swiss army knife, though not nearly as elegantly designed. This is much more utilitarian in design. These were issued to Sappers and Miners in WW1 who had to lay the barbed wire, install the communication lines and undertake just about any dirty job the Brass could think of.

This toll/implement is a hammer, an axe, a vice grip a wire cutter, a Screw Driver and a Nail puller all in one. What it doers not have is a knife blade. Beautifully constructed if Forged Steel, this was built to last and could today perform all the tasks it was designed to do in 1914. Proofed WARRANTED / FORGED STEEL on the side of the "hammer".

Original WWI Issue, ready to use or display

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