British WWI Royal Flying Corp Aircraft Propeller Art

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Original Item: Only One Available. Most items like this are known as trench art but this is actually not from the "trenches" but high above in the skies.

The Royal Flying Corp, Britain's first organized use of those then new "flying machines" in combat secured a place in history during the dreadful war to end all wars. Many films have been made, the most memorable being "The Blue Max", which was a total fiction, but more recently several much more accurate, true to life films have reached the silver screen depicting the first use of airplanes in combat.

This is a genuine 16" piece of a WW1 era Airplane wooden propeller complete with brass reinforcement cover on the tip and leading edge, which has been mounted on a wood display block and has original brass mounted Royal Flying Corp Cap Badge, Breast Wings and Shoulder Title.

All this appears to be original to the WW1 time period. Additionally, possibly from the period or perhaps somewhat later (there is no way for us to verify) is a painted figure of an R.F.C. Pilot Officer on the front side, together with lyrics of a song he is singing:-

"Take the cylinder out of my Kidneys,

The Connecting Rod out of my brain, my brain,

From the small of my back take the camshaft,

And assembly the engine again!"

On the rear side of the propeller tip is another beautifully done small painting of a side view of lady in her "intimates" sitting on a stool attending to her hair.

Both paintings are just charming and both Signed "Billy 1917". The condition of the paintings is exceptionally good which may indicate that the paint was refreshed or added somewhat after the airman/artist returned home.

All in all this WWI memento of the Royal Flying Corp is certainly the most eye catching and attractive we've ever seen and ready to add to any Great War Collection.

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