British WW1 Vickers Fluted Display Machinegun with Tripod

Item Description

Original Item: Only one available. Repurchased from an IMA customer who bought this weapon from us over a decade ago. The Serial Number is in the B5--- range indicating date of manufacture as March, 1918 at the Erith Factory in Kent, UK where all the earliest Vickers Guns were made.

The fluted water jacket is unpainted and stunningly retains most of the original blued finish. The brass head tripod is of the earliest type without the raised nomenclature on one side of the crosshead. The action, although totally unable to be made to fire, still simulates cycling. This weapon was been rebuilt on two BATF approved non-operational side-plates as required by US Law, classifying this as no longer a firearm. Totally legal within the United States, but please check for any local or state restrictions within your area. These early Fluted Vickers Display Guns are almost unobtainable today especially in as nice a condition as this one.

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