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British Victorian Era Zulu War Leather Wrapped Glass Soda Bottle with Cork

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New Made Item: Copied directly from a vintage Zulu War era original in the IMA collection this is a wonderful reproduction of a true vintage Victorian era "Hamilton" egg soda bottle used by British troops during the Zulu Wars during the 1870,1880s in South Africa and during the same period in India.  Holds approximately 14 fluid oz.

This type of bottle was a common Victorian era soda bottle, the shape was devised in C1815 by Nicholas Paul and his business partner Jacob Schweppe (of that ilk) who set up a soda manufacturing works in Covent Garden, London. As the fizz of the drink caused the bottles to explode, and the corks pop out (in The UK soft drinks are still called POP after the noise the cork made) they were made to lie down so the cork kept moist and did not blow out. Also the shape assisted strength. The "Hamilton" or egg soda bottle was still being used well into the 20th Century, albeit with a crown cap. Just take a look at a Perrier bottle, its from the same design.

When the troops went abroad, they used these common soda bottles as they proved more durable than the P-1871 wooden Italian pattern. Please see Michael Barthorp's book "The North-West Frontier : British India and Afghanistan, a Pictorial History 1839-1947". The troops also used the bottles as make do grenades by filling them with gun cotton and throwing them, in the book there is a C1870's image of them filling them ready to throw.

Our fine reproduction is constructed of a properly shaped glass bottle that has been expertly covered and wrapped with high quality leather then tightly stitched. Included is soft leather over the shoulder strap, cork stopper and leather cap that make this a wonderful vintage accessory for your collection or suitable for everyday use.

10" tall
4" wide

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