British Victorian Derby Police Handcuff: Grade 2 (No Key)

Item Description

Original Item: Few Only. The real McCoy! NOT REPLICAS. Released years ago by the London Metropolitan Police these are the genuine old Derby Handcuffs introduced to Victorian England over 150 years ago. When originally released, in the late 1970s, after many decades in Police Storage those still operational were sold to Collectors and are today highly sot after. Our final few are remaining examples that are "Grade Two" meaning that for whatever reason they DO NOT WORK. Often the custom drum key is missing or there may be other defects, and therefore, these are sold purely in "AS IS" NON-FUNCTIONAL condition for decoration or as a non-operational memento of romantic times past. The key included is for display and is not matched with the cuffs and therefore will not open these handcuffs. Marked with the manufacturer's name for HYATT'S OF BIRMINGHAM (ENGLAND) a Victorian Company STILL in existence today. Heavily nickel-plated but will show plenty of surface wear or slight rust due to age rather than use (But you never know).

No Key Included.

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