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British Victorian Colonel Baldock 1880 Pattern Fighting Knife has a rating of 4.7 stars based on 3 reviews.

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British Victorian Colonel Baldock 1880 Pattern Fighting Knife

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New Made Item: Developed by Colonel Baldock of the Merwara Battalion of Queen Victoria's Indian Army in the 1870s this is the forerunner of all modern day Combat, Fighting, Survival Knives. With an inspired development Colonel Baldock introduced this all steel fearsome knife easily converts to a spear with the attachment of any handy wood pole or branch that might be found in the field.

The knife has a 9 inch Bowie style blade with blood fullers on both sides. It is equipped with a 4" sawback on the upper side and a 2" saw on the sharp portion of the blade directly in front of the steel cross guard. The hilt is all steel with a floating two and a half inch knurled collar that, when secured in the rear position, will lock onto any wood shaft pushed into the hollow adjustable tubular hilt by means of internal securing spikes. The locking mechanism resembles that of the old muzzle loading socket bayonet attachment. Extensively copied by Military departments ever since, this is the Original Grand Daddy of all modern combat knives.

For added effectiveness the all leather thong scabbard which has wire claws for current military pistol belt and a small pocket containing two 1.5 inch screw-in cross guard spikes for hand-to-hand fighting.

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