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British Vickers MMG WWI Ammunition Belt: WWI Dated

Item Description

Original Item: This is another near-unbelievable find. These are original issue Vickers Machine Gun belts from the Great War, dated 1916, 1917 or 1918. Complete with early brass long dividers every third round. The function of the long dividers is to indicate how far the cartridge is supposed to be inserted in the belt. Each belt has a brass leader at each end, allowing the belt to be inserted from either end. The leaders are marked with the belt capacity (250 rounds), the caliber (.303), the Ordnance Broad Arrow, the manufacturer?s initials, and the date of 1916, 197 or 1918 (our choice).

The condition is good, slight storage soiling is evident and minor damage, such fraying, tears, or a few missing rivets is typical, but all defects seem to be easily repaired. While these are quite sturdy, we do not recommend these belts for firing as they most likely won?t survive more than one use. A Vickers Gun display is not complete without a traditional fabric and brass ammunition belt. What a find! Only a handful few available.

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