British Vickers MMG T-Pin: Mk I

Item Description

Original Item: The spade grip assembly of the Vickers MMG is held to the receiver with two different pins.  The upper pin is named the PIN, T, FIXING, MK I.  It has a cross pin fixed to the threaded section, and this cross pin is designed to be used as a tool to remove various fixing pins in the gun.  It has a concave surface to fit on the pin ends.  The T pin does not have a nut for the threaded end; instead it threads into the body of the spade grip assembly.  See Ian Skennerton, S.A.I.S No. 8, .303 Vickers Medium Machine Gun, Plate D2, item 42.  These parts are very rarely available for Vickers owners.  IMA has a few of them.  The threads have been inspected to make sure there is no serious damage.

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