British Vickers MMG Rare Copper-Plated DP Lock: Select

Item Description

Original Item:  When British military small arms are retired from active duty to be used as training arms, the guns and their parts are designated ?Drill Purpose.?  Drill purpose arms and parts that have been relegated to training functions are marked DP.  The DP marking is normally hand stamped.  For a relatively short time, locks and lock parts designated DP were copper plated for identification.  Few of these copper-plated locks have ever appeared on the collector?s market.  IMA has a very small number, divided into two groups:  The SELECT group retains more extensive copper plating, with just about all parts showing copper.  The other group, STANDARD, consists mostly of parts that show the plating but also includes un-plated DP parts.  Apparently no attempt was made to keep copper-plated lock parts together, so any DP lock might have miscellaneous copper-plated parts. This is a SELECT lock.

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