British Vickers MMG Parts & Tools Kit

Item Description

Original Item: This is the original parts and tools kit issued to Vickers gunners.  The contents of the kit consists of all the items originally listed inside the lid of the leather carrying case except the ?Pliers, Side Cutting, 6 in.?, which were not available.  (see Dolf Goldsmith, The Grand Old Lady Of No Man?s Land, page 505.)  Inside the 8 x 5 x 4-inch case is a ?Wallet, Case, Spare Parts & Tools, Vickers .303-in. M.G. Mk I.?  (Goldsmith, page 505.) 

In addition to the large leather case and the leather wallet, the kit includes

Balance, spring, M.G. Mk. I;  Can, oil, M.G. Mk. I;  Lock, breech, Mk. I;  Spring, fusee with fittings;  Plug, clearing Vickers .303-in. M.G. Mk. I;  Tool, combination Vickers .303-in. M.G. Mk. II;  Protector, muzzle, M.G. Mk I; Pull-through, Double Mk 1 ?B?;  Gauze ?A? (2 pieces);  Flanelette 0.8 Yds.;  Cork for plug;  Cup, muzzle attachment, ball;  Disk;  Fusee with chain;  Gib No. 2 or 3;  Pins:  Firing, Trigger, & Tumbler;  Pins, keep, split (3);  Sear;  Springs:  Gib & Lock No. 2 (2);  Trigger;  Tumbler;  Washer adjusting:  No. 1 (3) & No. 2 (3);  Punches:  No. 3 M.G. & No. 5 M.G.;  Reflector, mirror .303-in., M.G. Mk. I;  Screwdriver, small M.G. Mk. I.

Very few available.

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