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British Vickers MMG Gunner?s Kit: P37

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Item Description

Original Item: The Army of Great Britain provided an extensive set of support equipment for the Vickers Medium Machine Gun Mk. I, starting with its introduction in WW 1. Experience in that war demonstrated what parts and tools would be required in the field on the ?sharp edge? of the Army in combat, and these items became the core of the spares and tools carried by the gun crew. The original carrying case was a very expensive, heavy, and clumsy leather and steel box carried over the shoulder on a strap.

The new P37 infantry equipment offers a better solution to carrying Vickers spares. The basic pouch, made of canvas and supported by a set of braces and the equipment belt, was worn conveniently in front of the torso. IMA?s Vickers Gunner?s Kit uses a special variation of the standard equipment pouch that is closed with a leather strap and buckle for greater security over the standard infantry closure. P37 pouches with the leather strap are extremely rare.

The kit includes numerous parts and assemblies, including a complete rear sight, lock parts, a complete feed block, and top cover and spade grip parts. In addition, the kit includes five original issue tools. All parts are serviceable; many are new and unissued, some are used, and a few may be marked DP.

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