British Vickers Machine Gun Night Sight: Luminous Set No. 1 (World War 1)

Item Description

Original Item: You?re Not Going To Believe This: IMA has found a few sets of night sights for the Vickers Mk I Medium Machine Gun. We have three different sets, including TWO DIFFERENT FIRST WORLD WAR versions. The first two types were luminous, using small glass vials of radium. After World War 1, the machined attachment bases for both front and rear sights were converted from the original luminous sights of World War 1 to the nonluminous sights of World War 2, so very few of the original sights survived.

Set No. 1: World War 1. This set includes a No. 1 rear sight without shield and a No. 2 front sight. Both sights were of the luminous type, although the radium that produced the luminosity has now expired. The No. 2 front sight is the same as the No. 1 except for the addition of a shield. Both components are contained in a small steel box.

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