British Tower P-1796 Third Model Brown Bess Musket (Original Stock)

Item Description

Original Item: One Only. This is a superb example of the Standard British Government issue P-1796 .75 bore Brown Bess Infantry Musket used in the US War of 1812 and throughout the Napoleonic Wars finishing at Waterloo in 1815. It has a standard 39" barrel and marked TOWER with CROWN over G.R. and is in really nice tight collector's condition. But that isn’t all, this musket has more of a history, as one can see from the photographs, the banister stock was modified by the infantryman using it and that it was subsequently, after Waterloo, sold as surplus to one of England's German allies. On the stock near the side plate is a stamping in the wood of a rounded top crown over what appears to be an "F.W." in script and the barrel has an armory inventory date stamped into it of 1849 (a typical German habit). Additionally the butt plate is marked 31 C. No.14 most likely company and infantryman identification stamps. A fabulous Brown Bess with a superb look and German 19th century connections, truly making it a one-of-a-kind.

NOTE: This musket was sold (after only 4 days on our website) by IMA in September 2010 to a longtime customer. Unfortunately, this customer fell seriously ill and his family contacted IMA to see if we would offer this fabulous musket again on their behalf.

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