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British Sten SMG Sling: Original Unissued Indian Army- OD Green

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Original Item: (Believe it or not). We always do our best to disclose whether an item is original or new made. We are not afraid of selling reproductions and we always make that fact clear up front. Now, these really are Original Military Surplus Unissued Sten SMG Slings. We purchased them from the Indian Army in 1996 together with nearly 100,000 assorted firearms including many Stens. The bulk of the firearms went to England for conversion into parts sets. However these unissued condition olive drab Sten Slings which appear great have a perforated barrel jacket "hook" made out of a nail. Yes an actual NAIL! These were really purchased and issued to the British Indian Army with Sten Sub Machine Guns during and after WW2. Olive drab was used because of the Southeast Asian theatre of war. Each has the correct Brass adjusting buckle and steel loop on one end through which the sling was fed securing it to the buttstock. All slings are undated and probably post WW2 manufactured but each in is genuine military surplus. If we'd had these made we would have rejected them all! But these are genuine and it is only after close examination one sees the construction technique. Otherwise they are nice slings but only in the third world would such a method have been accepted in a Government Contract. This good yarn is true, believe it or not...

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