British Sten Mk III Display SMG: WWII

Item Description

Original Item: One of the most prolific Allied Sub Machine guns of WW2 was the STEN GUN used by British and Commonwealth forces. It was predominantly issued in three models; MK 2, 3 & 5. The most common was the height of the War issue Mk lll. This was manufactured with a non-removable barrel, in full barrel jacket that extended to the muzzle of the weapon.

Each gun came with a quick detachable "T" Butt stock which replaced the Mk ll silhouette stock. This was the weapon used on D-Day. Reliable, compact, and inexpensive to produce, the Sten Sub Machine Gun has become part of WW2 culture. This item has been reconstructed with a solid receiver added to an original front section and live barrel. Offered complete with original trigger mechanism, original magazine housing assembly, and original T butt stock; these make incredible display items. Unfortunately a magazine is not included but is available separately (BL3208).Completely Non-Functional, No license required, not available for export.

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