British Sten Mk II Display Gun

Item Description

Original Item: The famous WW2 British Mk II Sten Machine Carbine (submachine gun) has become very scarce on the market.  IMA has built a small number of dummy guns out of original issue Sten parts sets combined with a legal solid aluminum ?receiver.?  This unique display gun is fitted with its original No.2 Mk II T stock.  The Sten was so impressive that the Germans produced their very own copies of the gun during WW2.  Otto Skorzeny, the very effective head of the German Special Operations troops, tried to get permission to arm his men with the silenced version of the Sten, but was turned down because, in true German fashion, the gun was simply not German.  Magazines must be ordered separately.  IMA offers numerous Sten accessories, including slings, bandoleers, carriers, a bayonet, a dummy replica Sten silencer and a hand protector.

Completely Non-Functional, No license required, not available for export.

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