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British Snider Cavalry Carbine

Item Description

Original Item: Made in England these are unusual first model Snider System carbines in .577 cal. The only Cavalry in the Royal Nepalese Gurkha Army was "The Royal Bodyguard" which would certainly account for the fact that so few Cavalry Carbines were discovered in the old Palace. Of very interesting construction, each Snider Carbine is half stocked with checkering on both wrist and forearm. The furniture is all steel and bears some line engraving, indicating custom manufacture. Each weapon is marked "J.C. & Lord of London, Birmingham, Bombay". The barrels bear British Proof Marks indicating English manufacture. Complete with all steel ram rod and sling swivels, each carbine has a 22" barrel and is 39" overall.A truly interesting variation, custom built almost certainly for the "Royal Bodyguard": A great addition to any collection.

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