British Silk Escape Map of Germany Dated 1941: Original WW2 Un-issued

Item Description

Original Item: Very Few Only. These are ORIGINAL WW2 issue 15" X 18" Silk Escape Maps issued to Allied flight crews in WW2. These maps were often sewn into the linings of uniforms to escape detection in the event of being shot down over enemy territory and falling into hostile hands.

Constructed of Silk to withstand water damage and tearing, each map has a sewn selvage hem around all four sides to prevent fraying. Printed in Black and White, these cover greater Germany and parts of the immediate countries abutting the Third Reich. In addition to cities, principal roadways and railroad lines; Canals and Rivers are also shown with arrows that indicate direction of water flow as such information was invaluable to downed pilots on the run.

Small 1:3,000,000 scale, each has correct WW2 military markings and show borders of 1939 and were then updated to 1941, putting these right in the thick of hostilities. Marked "Air Ministry, No.7330" this was the best-known Escape Map issued. Sadly very few survived

Luckily this small quantity of un-issued maps, which are folded like handkerchiefs, were recently discovered in an R.A.F facility in rural England. This may be the last opportunity to add one of the exceptionally rare and interesting "WW2 Escape Maps" in virtually like new condition to your WW2 collection.

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