British Queen Anne Military Issue Brass Barrel Blunderbuss by Halfhide of London dated 1710

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. Exceedingly rare, this is a Queen Anne marked brass barreled military blunderbuss. The flintlock is signed HALFHIDE/10 across the tail and in the lock's center there is a CROWN over AR (for Anne Regina).

The Flint cock has an interesting dog catch to the lower edge that only engages at half cock so, in effect, this weapon is fitted with an early primitive version of a safety.

The 17-inch bell mouthed brass barrel is stamped "G.H."(for George Halfhide) who worked in London from 1695-1718, the barrel also bears the required proof marks of the time. The mounts are brass, three screws retain the lock and the tang screw rises from in front of the trigger, both classic features of early gun making.

The Blunderbuss retains its original wood ramrod and is fitted with a small saddle bar between two of the side plate screws, no doubt, intended for use with a leather body sling while on horseback or even in a ship's rigging.

A really fine early Queen Anne period military blunderbuss, well marked and extremely rare offered in lovely condition.

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