British P-1939 Brown Leather Army Waist Belt

Item Description

Original Item: Thanks to the careful eye of several of our knowledgeable customers we have been corrected in that the Advertised P-1903 belt recently arrived are in actual fact P-39 belts introduced as a stop gap measure at the beginning of WW2. Web manufacturing capacity had been fully taken up with the recently adopted P-37 webbing and demand was still overwhelming, therefore, Britain adopted the P-37 style belt in brown leather, instead of the short supply web, designating this pattern the P-39. Used throughout WW2 especially for the Home Army known as the "Home Guard" this P-39 equipment, which on the face of it was a forty-year step back to the turn of the century, is hardly ever encountered today. Complete with rear buckles to accept the standard P-37 web cross Straps these belts were fully interchangeable with the P-37 Web counterpart. This is quite a scarce WW2 item.

Size varies. Adjustable up to approximately 36 inches.

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